Evaluate Your Health!

Imagine that life is going great for you. You are earning a nice salary and acquiring fame. You are able to purchase many of the "things" you want. Then, all of a sudden, you come down with failing health issues.

Good health is more important than money, success, or anything else you can think of. Good health allows you to enjoy the "things" you have acquired. Just as you evaluate everyday job issues, you also must evaluate the red flags regarding your health. Good health is critical.

If your health fails, and you can no longer perform your duties, do you think someone can replace you? The answer is yes, so don't think they cannot do without you, because they can and they will!

The important thing to do regarding your health is to be proactive. A good question to ask yourself is when was the last time you had a physical examination? When was the last time you went to work knowing you were sick? When was the last time you felt pain but you ignored it?

With medical breakthroughs and today's technology, a lot of what we are afraid of can be quickly diagnosed and successfully treated. If you wait until you become desperately ill, you will probably miss even more time from work, allowing things to pile up even higher. This only complicates the situation further, and may even lead to depression.

There is nothing like working hard all of your life only to get in such bad health that someone else gets to enjoy your "things." First, take care of you, so that you can take care of others.

How is your health?

Motivational tips are courtesy of Smart Talk with M.C.B.
April 2018