Are you willing to keep pushing?

Are you willing to keep pushing when you are turned down? There are countless people who did not get their wish the first time, second time or even the third time around. But they all did one thing. They all kept pushing.

You may be wondering who these people are. Well, try Michael Jordan, for one. He was cut from his high school basketball team. Bill Gates of Microsoft fame dropped out of an Ivy League school. Walt Disney was fired when his bosses told him he had no artistic ability. Vanessa Williams was relieved of her Miss America crown and even denied the right to live in a townhouse because she was deemed "unfit to be a tenant." Finally, Henry Ford went bankrupt at one point.

Imagine where we would be if these individuals had not continued pushing when they met with opposition? If they had stopped pushing, you and I might have been denied some of the things we enjoy today. Even transportation, whether on highways or in cyberspace, may not have been around today if Ford and Gates had stopped pushing.

There may be some opposition you are facing today. Are you afraid to keep pushing? Are you afraid of being ridiculed? Are you afraid of failure? Or, are you just afraid?

Will you keep pushing?

Motivational tips are courtesy of Smart Talk with M.C.B.
July 2017