So you want to quit?

When times get difficult and you just don't see how you can go on, or there appears to be no way you can win, what do you do? You know, like when the boss refuses to acknowledge you for what you thought were outstanding deeds. Do you quit? Or, you have tried to obtain financing for the house you and your spouse dearly want and you have been turned down three times. Do you quit? Real winners find ways to succeed.

Here is a personal testimony: I tried to purchase an apartment complex from a gentleman, last January. Mind you, he lives in another city. I have phoned him several times, and he and I have met once. I corresponded with him by mail 2-3 times. Each time, he told me he did not want to sell. Obviously, I could have quit and settled after the very first rejection I received, because each time after the first encounter, I never knew whether he would sell or not. This gentleman never once told me he wanted to sell. In fact, he told me he wanted to renovate the apartments himself.

Well, as you may have suspected, eight months later he says he is ready to sell to me. My efforts appeared to have paid off. However, three days later, he called me and informed me that he had changed his mind. You can just imagine the disappointment I felt. So close, yet so far.

You may be thinking that that's a lot of effort and no reward. I would beg to differ. Deep down in my heart, I know I gave it my best. Who knows? I may still get the opportunity to purchase the property. Through my dealings with him I have gained a wealth of information which can be used on other deals.

The bottom line is that the real winners allow themselves to be disappointed, just not discouraged.

Do you quit at the first sign of disappointment?

Motivational tips are courtesy of Smart Talk with M.C.B.
December 2018