What do you do?

Outside a cold winter storm has struck. Roads are icy and travel is prohibited. Everything is frozen, and you are at home with your family. You are sitting comfortably in front of your fireplace watching a beautiful glow from the flames, with a nice warmth surrounding you.

Even though you have a nice fire burning there is one major hitch. There is a limited supply of firewood in the house, but you have a nice shiny ax, a wood splitter and lots of hardwood trees in your backyard. The only problem is, you have never split wood before.

So what do you do? Do you sit comfortably and enjoy the fire, hoping it lasts forever? Or do you go out and split more wood? Mind you, going out and splitting the wood takes you out of your warm comfortable environment. What do you do?

The very same scenario is played out everyday at many corporations. Most employees seem content to just wait out the downsizing process and hope it does not affect them.

What about you? Do you sit comfortably and enjoy your paycheck and hope they last forever, or do you go out and insure your value to the company? You may have forgotten how to do a job search by now.

Don't freeze yourself to death! Don't get too comfortable where you are now. Downsizing can be crippling, so don't wait until the fire is out. Sharpen that ax and get moving!

Please be mindful of this: "In this life, lots of people know what to do, but few people do what they know. Knowing is not enough. You must take action."

What do you do?

Motivational tips are courtesy of Smart Talk with M.C.B.
November 2018