You gotta believe!

The Green Bay Packers head football coach Vince Lombardi and the Packers became legends using just 4 offensive football plays. Just 4 plays! The opposing teams knew the plays, yet the Packers continually had success with them. You may be asking how? Well, even though they ran a limited number of plays, they perfected each play, each and every time. They lined up for each play as if they knew they could win. You see, they had learned new techniques from the previous play.

Some people do not believe in their game plan enough to stick with it and gain confidence in order to get better. Some will tell you that your game plan is too simple because everyone can do it. But, will everyone do it better each and every time? Do they have the confidence or "stick-to-it-ness" to perfect this simple and fundamental game plan?

Here's another example. The Utah Jazz basketball team won many games with one of the oldest and most fundamental basketball plays, the "pick and roll", as their bread-and- butter play. Every team knew they were going to run the "pick and roll", yet the Jazz were confident that they had perfected this play each and every time. The Jazz repeatedly scored with this play.

Some people find ways to win, instead of finding excuses. Even if they have limited resources, they find variations of this resource to use to their advantage. With this mindset, you "gotta believe" you have the right stuff.

You have to have confidence in your game plan (stuff) no matter how simple it may be, and regardless of what others say. Look for value-added variations each and every time. A good example is George Washington Carver, who spent many years with the simple peanut. He could have said, "I only have peanuts", yet he chose to deliver over 300 variations. He had the confidence and belief to stick with his game plan.

Do you believe in your game plan?

Motivational tips are courtesy of Smart Talk with M.C.B.
January 2019