Smart Talk with Mitchell C. Baldwin Presentations

Surviving Corporate Downsizing with Dignity and Grace

If your company has downsized, whether you survived the cut this time or not, you need to get over the negative mindset. Find out what you need to do now. Understand the various stages that the casualties – and the survivors - go through. Learn how to prepare your ‘ark.’

Rejuvenation During Changing Times

Even when you falter or stumble, stop looking down; otherwise, you’ll miss out on everything going on around you—including opportunities. You can succeed regardless of your starting place in life. Great things can happen in chaotic times. Get ready to prosper!

Take the Lid Off

Explore the different avenues that may bring you additional rewards beyond your wildest imagination. (Customized to the theme of the seminar/workshop) Release your inner energy. There is greatness in you and it can only come out if you “take the lid off.” In order to soar, you have to be uncovered and out in the open.

Providing Outstanding Customer Service and Enjoying It

Despite the economy, some companies stay in business while others run themselves out. Which one is yours? Find out how to tell the difference and learn what you and your company need to be doing right now!

Volunteerism with Spirit

Former President George H.W. Bush named Mitchell Baldwin the "200th Point of Light." Learn from a "Professional Volunteer," a man who has won "Volunteer of the Year" twice in the state of Alabama. Mitchell Baldwin can take you on your own personal crusade as if you were reading "the book" or walking in his shoes. Understand the impact that volunteering can have on your country, your career and your own personal development. Let Baldwin teach you how to really mobilize yourself, your employees and your community. Your customers want to do business with companies who can prove they really do care!

Achievable Hope

Hope is achieved by envisioning success. Achievable hope is the realization that success comes from helping others, taking ownership of your life and praying often.

All About Caring

Everyone can say they care, but it only becomes a reality when YOU say it. That’s right. Caring can only be effective when YOU actually say "I Care."

Champ Topics

Mitchell C. Baldwin “The Human Services CHAMP” presents the following topics in seminar or workshop format. The CHAMP Series is recommended as a total training program for corporate audiences, but each is also available as a single program. Combining personal anecdotes with real-life examples gathered over a lifetime of work experience, Baldwin takes each group through training exercises, creating a lasting and memorable impact.

  • Champion Champ--LEADERSHIP
  • Champion Outlook--CHANGE
  • Champion Mindset--PEAK PERFORMANCE
  • Champion to Legendary--CUSTOMER SERVICE
  • Champion Framework—TEAMBUILDING
  • Champion Foundation--COMMUNICATION

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