Services available from Smart Talk with Mitchell C. Baldwin

Keynote Speeches/Seminars/Workshops

Mitchell Baldwin is frequently asked to address corporate, association and educational groups because of his expert manner in delivering a critical message. His down-to-earth approach creates a thought-provoking atmosphere that inspires audiences to take action. Sometimes raucous, sometimes philosophical, Baldwin makes sure audiences see themselves in his high energy “conversations.” Whether providing a keynote presentation, a half-day or full-day workshop, a multi-day seminar or a combination of any of these, Mitchell Baldwin is poised to take your audience’s prime issues and distill them into manageable pieces with real solutions.

Organizational Assessments

Smart Talk studies organizations by conducting interviews with their employees, discovering the root issues that must be addressed if the company is to improve performance and productivity. During these interviews Mitchell Baldwin makes people feel comfortable, which in turn encourages them to communicate with him candidly. Observations of the operations play a vital role, as well. After retrieving this vital information and carefully analyzing the data, recommendations are provided to the client within a customized report, detailing how to take the organization to the next level. Smart Talk is the corporate “specialist” when it comes to taking the “temperature” of an organization.

Executive Coaching (private consultations)

Often, executives need confidential assistance in defining the business goals they want to achieve. Mitchell Baldwin listens and provides critical feedback to help his management clients articulate their perceived goals, and after a few sessions, work can begin on concrete objectives. Smart Talk offers a confidential sounding board and a fresh perspective, to help leaders develop their game plans, keeping in mind that every client is unique.

Community Development/Community Relations

Smart Talk uses its local relationships to encourage community and corporate leaders to sit down, listen and initiate a better understanding of the issues each is facing, which brings about a sense of unity. Often the corporate organization is able to achieve its mission, without causing harm to the surrounding communities and in most instances even enhancing them.

College Talent Recruitment

Does your company still participate in or conduct Career Days? Is that the only way you recruit? How is that working out? Maybe it’s time to try something else! Why not allow Smart Talk to leverage our long-term relationships with universities and colleges to help you achieve your recruitment goals? We know you want to attract the very best employees. We’ve already done the groundwork. University and college staff, advisors and faculty know to look to us first. Let us communicate to these universities and colleges what your unique staffing needs are. Everyone wins!