About Smart Talk with Mitchell C. Baldwin

Mitchell Baldwin

Smart Talk with Mitchell C. Baldwin was founded by Mitchell C. Baldwin in August 1993 in Birmingham, Alabama when Mitchell found himself part of a massive downsizing at Alabama Power Company, the company he had been with for nine years.

Not surprisingly, Smart Talk's first client was Alabama Power (APCO), Baldwin's former employer (1984-1993). During a business strategy meeting with APCO, Mitchell effectively demonstrated "company value" by providing assistance to the Alabama Power employees who had been downsized as well as those surviving-employees left behind. From this meeting, Smart Talk with M.C.B. emerged and became an ongoing resource for Alabama Power Company in several disciplines and continues to serve many companies as diverse as U.S. Pipe and Foundry, Federal Reserve Bank and McWane, Inc.

Baldwin is also the author of Surviving Corporate Downsizing with Dignity and Grace!, based on his own experience and that of his colleagues at Alabama Power.

As a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Baldwin’s unique investigation and communication style enables him to get to the heart of an issue, no matter how deeply it is buried. It’s at that point when sincere change and commitment can occur. Baldwin has a knack for helping people see the obvious, from the board room to the basement.

Baldwin’s clients say that he is one of the most inspiring people of our generation. He finds ways to motivate people, offering insight and hope to employers who have been forced to downsize their staff; to the employees who lost their jobs; and to those who remain and suffer from guilt as well as heavier workloads.

That’s how it all began…..when Baldwin recognized his gift for motivating volunteers, and later, people from all walks of life, to achieve success and change lives, including their own. He can identify the deepest needs and desires, eliminate roadblocks and offer opportunities.