About Mitchell C. Baldwin

Mitchell Baldwin

Mitchell C. Baldwin is a gifted, life-changing speaker; author; corporate consultant; executive coach and in his spare time, real estate entrepreneur. A native of Alabama and a 1980 graduate of Jacksonville State University, Mitchell started with one single-family house and has turned his hobby into a portfolio that includes two apartments complexes and 15 single family residences. His careful stewardship of these properties has helped to revitalize depressed neighborhoods, and he gives his tenants hope and a sense of pride in their communities. His wife and son assist him in the day-to-day operations of this business.

In 2008 Baldwin started an Amateur Athletic Union basketball team to help his players increase their visibility and be recognized. Most of the players had not played AAU basketball before and had been cut from other teams, yet he took them on and quickly started to win state and regional championships, as well as National tournaments. He got the players to believe in themselves.

In 1989 Baldwin founded the nationally recognized youth organization CHAMP, Inc. (Caring Helps Another Make Progress.), the largest non-profit youth group in the state of Alabama, prompting former President George H.W. Bush to honor Baldwin as the nation’s “200th Point of Light” for his work with inner city children in Birmingham. The Points of Light Institute describes Baldwin’s work as “putting people at the center of community problem solving,” and honors him for taking action to mobilize both service and civic engagement to bring about change in the world. In addition, Baldwin has received many other awards and recognition, received keys to cities and counseled many in both civic and leadership development.

He is married to Gennia Washington Baldwin, Vice President, Smart Talk with MCB. The Baldwins are principals of Baldwin Properties, L.L.C. and have one son, Mitchell C. Baldwin, Jr., a budding real estate magnate himself.